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Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling

The Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling is a game-changer in the rotational equipment sector. The coupling unlocks hidden energy and CO2 reduction potential and costs. Installations become contact-free but are still connected by the coupling, see the video and drawings below. This provides never before seen levels of reliability, safety, sustainability and lower TCO. This innovative technology makes it possible to save up to 50% of energy consumption and reduce up to 50% of operating costs. Applications include pumps, fans, generators, compressors and conveyors which are used in sectors such as industry (general), Water and Waste Water, Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Maritime Sector, Pulp and Paper Industry and Mining.

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How does a Zytec coupling work ?

The principle of all Zytec Couplings is the same as used in electric motors. The magnetic coupling works by rotating copper discs (Inductor) at the motor side and a Magnet Rotor at the load side to transfer torque. The permanent magnets mounted in the Magnet Rotor change the magnetic fields in the Inductor and creates loops of electrical current (called Eddy Currents) which results in a drag force. As soon as the Inductor, driven by the motor rotates,  the Magnet Rotor rotates under the influence of the magnetic field without any physical contact between the Inductor and the Magnet Rotor. By increasing or decreasing the air gap between the Inductor and the Magnet Rotor the speed of the load can be controlled. This contact-free controllable connection offers many advantages. You will find on the page General Benefits (link on the right side) the benefits which apply to all the Zytec couplings and below the specific applications areas and benefits per coupling type.