The unique non-contact drive for fixed speed

  • Since the non-contact drive causes no more vibrations, the installation becomes significantly more robust and reliable.
  • Laser alignment is no longer required because misalignment up to 2mm causes no loss of function.
  • The F-TORQ can also be used in combination with a VFD controlling the speed of the motor.
  • The standard range of F-TORQ covers motors from 3 to 375 kW and speeds of 750rpm to 3.600 rpm. The customised range of the F-TORQ is up to 2MW depending on the application.

Why the F-TORQ is the perfect solution for you:

  • The F-TORQ is an easy retrofit for all kind of physical contact couplings like i.e. EUPEX flexible coupling, Omega band coupling, teeth coupling, pin coupling, flexible disc couplings, etc.
  • It can also replace a fluid coupling which is used for the starting process of loads with high inertia, like fans.
  • The motor is protected from overload and high amperage during the start process and creates a more stable power grid with a reduced risk on voltage dips.
  • This non-contact drive will help you reduce and save on maintenance and make your installations reliable and future-proof.
  • The total cost of ownership decreases, while your non-contact drive ensures a smooth and uninterrupted process with minimal downtime.

What does the F-Torq fixed speed non-contact drive do for you:

  • Using Zytec F-TORQ results in a lower total cost of ownership for your entire installation.
  • You will see immediate savings on the hidden costs.
  • The installation of the non-contact magnetic coupling results in reduced wear on both the motor and load side: shock loads are dampened; misalignment damage is eliminated.
  • Also cold start problems are reduced or even eliminated due to torque limitation from ramp-up from start.
  • Your preventive maintenance schedule can be modified. This non-contact drive is robust and requires no maintenance;
  • This all adds up to longer uptime, certainly by reducing unplanned stoppages for repairs.

The F-TORQ creates a drive with no physical contact between the shafts

  • Unavoidable misalignment during operation becomes irrelevant.
  • No laser alignment needed
  • No shaft loads on the motor and load shaft.
  • The root cause of failure of the bearing and seals is eliminated.
  • The life span of the bearing of the motor is expanded to design life.
  • The life span of seals is extended significantly.
  • Vibrations are reduced up till 80%.
  • A cushioned start and stop (mechanical soft starter).