The adjustable non-contact drive for reduced Fixed Speed

  • Adjustable Speed Coupling designed to run pumps and fans at a reduced fixed speed to eliminate the unavoidable overcapacity by design.
  • The A-TORQ is suitable for motors from 7.5kW to 375kW (10HP to 500HP) at speeds from 750rpm to 3.600rpm.
  • Energy savings of up to -50% are possible when using the A-TORQ.
  • Like all Zytec non-contact couplings, the A-TORQ eliminates or greatly reduces problems associated with misalignment, vibration and shock loads

Why the A-TORQ is the perfect solution for you:

  • The ZYTEC A-TORQ is easily adjustable and is used to mechanically reduce the speed of the load at a fixed set point.
  • When installing an A-TORQ, the overcapacity of the pump can immediately be set to the required flow or pressure.
  • If at a later date new set points are required or production is to be expanded, the A-TORQ can be easily adjusted to the new requirements within a few hours.
  • With an A-TORQ non-contact magnetic drive, the air gap between the magnet rotor and the inductor can be manually controlled when the motor is stopped. As the air gap increases, torque is reduced.
  • The output speed can be adjusted to reduce flow or pressure without the need for a choke valve.
  • Energy savings of up to 50% are easily and quickly achieved with the A-TORQ.

What does the A-TORQ adjustable non-contact drive do for you?

  • You’ll realize immediate savings in energy, maintenance and numerous hidden costs. The pump can easily reach its Best Efficiency Point (BEP). This maximizes pump life and minimizes maintenance.
  • The fitting of the non-contact magnetic drive results in reduced wear on both the motor and load sides;
  • shock loads are damped;
  • misalignment damage, which inevitably occurs during operation, is eliminated.
  • Laser alignment at installation is not required.
  • This non-contact drive is robust and maintenance-free.

With A-TORQ the total cost of ownership decreases, while your non-contact drive ensures a smooth and uninterrupted process with minimal downtime.

The A-TORQ is an easy to install and adjust non-contact drive. It is an all mechanical solution. This makes it a robust solution. The combination of increased reliability, reduced maintenance and energy savings makes the A-TORQ provide a very short payback period, often less than 2 years.

Pumps are critical to the process. The A-TORQ significantly reduces the risk of pump failure. The maintenance interval of the pump is considerably increased. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted production process.

The A-TORQ creates a drive with no physical contact between the shafts

Because the A-TORQ has no physical contact between the motor and the pump or fan, it has all the advantages of a fixed non-contact drive but with more flexibility.

  • Unavoidable misalignment during operation becomes irrelevant.
  • No laser alignment needed
  • No shaft loads on the motor and load shaft.
  • The root cause of failure of the bearing and seals is eliminated.
  • The life span of the bearing of the motor is expanded to design life.
  • The life span of seals is extended significantly.
  • Vibrations are reduced up till 80%.
  • A cushioned start and stop (mechanical soft starter).